Friday, November 19, 2010

Cameron Highland !

school trip to cameron . we gonna visit some place there . hee .
OMG ! so scary . one night , me n my friends stay at one apartment . the apartment big but scary . that night , we watched TV . ghost movie (histeria) . when we gonna go to slept , we was discused where wanted to slept . something happen that night . i was crying like someone died . hurh .. i think that night something was disturbing me . my friends was worried about me . they readed YASSIN . after readed , i feel better than before . my foster sys n my friend take care of me that night because i can't slept . the next day i was so happy coz we gonna check out from that apartment . hoho . the same day , we also visit strawberry farm n many mores . this place is AMAZING + AWESOME ! 
here got some picture about us :


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